Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is LIFE???

>DIARY>>>JOURNALS>>>BLOG! Gosh...I remember the days when I use to tell everyone that this stuff is JUST A WASTE OF TIME but now I’m addicted to it... hehe...Well I guess this is the only place I can spill all my feelings, emotions and whatever is going on in my life without worrying about anything or anyone.

For many years I use to complain about every single thing in my life…from my clothes to appearance, money, frens, my health, looks, education, physical and many more… but it all changed when I started mingling and meeting up with many new people who somehow or rather thought me many things in life. Every day I learn and experience something new and valuable which made me to think what is life all about??...

I don’t go shopping because I want to buy new clothes, I don’t go to parties because I want to have fun, I don’t go clubbing to drink and get drunk, I didn’t go to work to earn money, I don’t go jogging because I want to lose weight…but I go to this places to observe people as each human being has their own unique character where each of this people will teach u many things about life in a positive and also negative manner.

Falling in love too will teach u a great lesson in life no matter if it’s a successful or a failure. For me..a successful love teaches the meaning of AFFECTION towards someone and love failure teaches u the real meaning of LIFE. This happens especially if you get a screwed up ex who u actually thought at first will be the one for you and u started to imagine spending your entire life with him and suddenly one day he just leaves u for no reasons..ARRRR…damn...I know how painful and hurtful it is…I use to sit and cry.. N cry..And think y is god being so cruel to me and even felt like killing the guy...But now I thank god...Cause through him I learnt a lot of things..This failure was a lesson for me to not to choose someone who is just screwed up and which could eventually lead me to screw up my own life later on.

Everyone’s life is not perfect...Everybody has their own problems and sadness.NO IS PERFECT…N NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.Everything is possible if u stop saying IMPOSSIBLE and say I’M POSSIBLE. ..Just keep In mind that the world is round so “Whatever goes around ...comes around”..SO live a life as if there is NO TOMORO :)